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Territorial diagnostics and prospective studies

Local authorities and companies wishing to set up biomass projects or value chains (biomethanisation, biomass heating plants, heating networks, production of biosourced materials, etc.) can rely on Valbiom's services to make your project a success.

We support you in your projects: 

  • to carry out inventories of the biomass available on a given territory;
  • to develop strategies, planning and assistance in contracting your supply.

Valbiom can also map and characterise the network of actors in the biobased economy present in a given territory. Our services can lead to the analysis of value chains, resources and territorial dynamics and result in the elaboration of strategic plans for territorial development or circular economy. 

Valbiom has recently carried out the study "Potential of injectable biomethane in Belgium" (, 2019) during which an exhaustive database of fermentable materials has been made for the whole country.

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