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Valbiom ensures its missions thanks to a multidisciplinary and complementary team. It benefits from technical, economic, environmental and legislative knowledge specific to the bioenergy and biosourced products sectors. This multidisciplinarity allows to decompartmentalize the approaches related to biomass.

The communication team guarantees high-quality information/training/extension.

The team can count on the active support of the “Bureau” and the “Organe d’Administration”, composed of members from agriculture, forestry, research and education and chaired by Sylvie Decaigny:


Bioenergy and Biobased Products Team


Aurélien Bardellin

Biomethanisation and Sustainability Project Officer0473/

Philippe Taverniers

Biomethanisation and Wood Energy Project Manager0491/


Valentine Donck

Biobased Textiles Project Manager0499/

Geoffrey Floymont

Agricultural production Project Officer0493/


Pauline Gillet

Biobased Products Project Officer0494/

Michael Guerlus

Bioenergy Project Manager0476/

Flora Mer

Biobased Products Project Manager0477/


Zoé Nys

Biobased Economy Project Officer0456/

Matthieu Schmitt

Biomethanisation Project Manager0484/


Ludovic Charloteaux

Wood Energy Project Officer0490/


Thibaut Declerk

Biomethanisation and Agricultural production Project Officer0490/

William Donck

Biobased Products Project Manager0496/


Management and Communication Team


Bertrand Auquière


Alice Dossogne

Deputy Director and Communication Manager0498/

Céline Evrard

Executive Assistant081/

Aurore Leprêtre

Communication and Events Officer081/

Alyssa Lurquin

Communication Officer0490/

Florence Hennaut

Communication Officer0490/